• You can make up the rest, eh, Varley? said Taffy. We sent ours by the bank agent yesterday; you wasnt in the saloon when he came, and youve got enough at the hut, havent you? Faster Express 2010


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    He took Esmeraldas hand.Its like one of those toy farms one sees in the childrens toy-shops, he said. How proud the farmers wife must be of it all! Does it pay very well?

    It wasnt awful rotall of it, said Esmeralda, looking down at the pattern she was tracing in the sand with her foot. You didnt offend me.I knew that you must be very nice, said Lilias, or Trafford would not have But I did not know that you were so young and so pretty.

    I will call you Esmeralda, dear, she said, yielding up her heart at once; and you will call me Lilias? I hope we shall be great friends; indeed, I feel as if I had known you for a long time; Traffords letter told me so much about you. But I did not expect to see

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